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Bang for Your Buck: Making Unique Upgrades to Your Home

Many homeowners (and future homeowners) dream about creating the house of their dreams. When we’re young, it probably involves a lot of slides, trampolines, and bottomless candy dispensers. As we get older, these dream features get replaced by high-end appliances,…

How The Federal Reserve Affects Mortgage Interest Rates

Many people believe the Federal Reserve, through the actions of the Federal Open Market Committee, has a direct impact on mortgage rates. It’s actually more so that speeches from Federal Reserve Committee members, announcements of what the Fed is doing,…

Should You Offer Above Asking Price for a Home?

In a seller’s real estate market, buyers are often in fierce competition to purchase a home. This leads many to work hard to make their offer the most attractive, whether by reducing the contingencies, making the closing process smoother, or…

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